We have many years experiences of manufacturing special micro motors. Product Quality is always our No.one priority. We keep on intensifying the production criteria according to the national standard GB6656-86, and select the quality parts from both at home and abroad to ensure the quality of our products. All the parts and the fittings will be strickly inspected and processed according to our production flow requirements. We have established extensive technical cooperations with many micro motor research institutes in China and kept on absorbing the advanced technologies from abroad. We have varieties of the micro motor products. The quality is guaranteed, and the performance is excellent. All of our clients are perfectly satisfied with our product quality and services. The capacity at present is about one million sets per year. Our products range from permanent DC motor series, decelerated gear boxes, timer motors etc. which are widely appllied in electric screw drivers, rechargeable hand drills, body driers, hand driers, massages, hair driers, electric toys, motor driven curtains, lime-light lamps, auto antennas, rinse pumps, auto back view mirrors, air charging pumps, microwave oven timers, etc. We also manufacture motors according to the client's requirements. We will continuously improving the quality of our products and services to ensure a hundred percent satisfaction to our clients. Please feel free to contact us, and we are always at your kind disposal.

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